Pilates Booking System

Developed with 15 years experience in the activity centre industry.


We give your customers a simple to use booking engine to book their pilates online!


Block book sessions, move and copy/paste bookings with 1 click!

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A little nervous switching from a diary over to a booking system – but easy to use, and our customers starting booking from day one, great value for money, delighted.

Claire Doyle

Business Owner, Kid Space Rathcoole/Rathfarnham

Was looking for a booking system, activity port was recommended to us – great value and great customer service!

Trudi Carberry

Business Owner, Go Kids Go Play Centre

Very happy with the system. We are very hands-on with our activities so answering the phones to customers can be tricky at times. We love the idea of arriving in on in the morning, looking up the system and seeing our bookings for the day – with customers booking online now it’s freeing up our time which is great!

Iarlaith Clancy

Managing Director & Head Instructor, Achill Surf

Activity Port is a very useful app, we created our own page that lists our special offers and our extras like our restaurant and spa.
Its great because its a fun app to download, and its another way of making our guests aware ofthese extras and increase revenue, plus the added bonus of activities listed nearby.

Seamus Leahy

Marketing Director, Fota Island Hotel

Good stuff! We have a lot of foreign students/couples visiting Cork, a lot of them ask us where they can find things to do while they stay in Cork. We recommend the Activity Port app every time as it has everything they need!

Marcos Vinicius Farias

Viva-Cork Manager, Viva-Cork

A great app for the guests.
Always nice to have activities listed near us so guests have plenty to choose from.
Would recommend it to anyone!

Tara Kirwan

Manager, Stay Cork

Time saving software for managing our phone repairs in-house, keeps everything in one place. I love the log page, I can print off my days take for my own personal records.

Get Tech

Managing Director

Don't loose out on bookings!



Having a booking system is having a night time receptionist..on call…ready…and waiting to capture bookings for you while you sleep!


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You sign up with us, we take care of the rest!

  • Easy set up – we create prices based on price per person or total price.
  • Custom email receipts with your terms and conditions sent to every customer!
  • No merchant account needed.

Your booking engine works while you sleep!

  • Manage your bookings and classes with ease during the day.
  • While you sleep – let your booking engine capture bookings after 10.30pm at night – which is usually when most book!

Let’s show you ourĀ great features…

Add a booking

…and have fun letting Dorothy help you.

Watch the video and see how easy it is.

Add a package

Our package on the fly feature gives you great freedom and control adding any type of package booking.

Edit bookings

Add/Edit existing bookings. Keep all customer files up to date.

Move booking to

Move existing bookings to different times/dates, all with a few clicks of a mouse!

Copy booking to

Great feature for block bookings – copy existing bookings to multiple dates.

Mark as finished

Mark finished bookings and keep your day organised.

Add/edit extras

Add extras, such as food, drinks to any booking with a click of a mouse!

All log


View all your bookings for any given day on 1 page, print your booking timetable with 1 click! Ideal for your employees, kitchen staff etc.

Activity Log

Our activity log page records and saves all user action – view any changes made to bookings recorded by each user.

Add/edit availableĀ dates

Our activity log page records and saves all user action – view any changes made to bookings recorded by each user.

Online Payments

We supply your business a Stripe merchant account. Choose between full payment or deposits, and the best part…payments are automatically sent to your bank account!

Setting a deposit

Charge your customer a full payment or a deposit – see how easy it is to set the amount – all with a few clicks!

Add your terms & conditions

Your booking system sends email receipts to each customer – add your terms and conditions with 1 click and keep your customer up to speed with important information.

Advertise special offers

Use the pop up banner on your booking engine and promote the latest offers..

Add/edit your booking engine in real time!

Add/edit any important notes to your booking engine keeping your customers up to speed…

Save money and attach your party invites

Attach your party invites to email receipts, and your customer has the freedom to download them anytime they wish.

…and a whole lot more…

Extra: For Irish members


Be a part of our advertising in 80 shopping centres nationwide!

We help boost your bookings!

  • Become a member of ours and we give you an exclusive listing on our smartphone app.
  • Our is app is advertised in 80 shopping centres across Ireland.
  • Users can browse your activities/packages and book through our app – which is connected to your in-house system.